Struggling To Find Work? Four Reasons To Sign Up With A Staffing Agency

Have you been struggling to find a job in your field? Maybe you've sent out dozens of resumes and applications with barely a call back, let alone a successful interview. The job search process can be exhausting, but there is a way to make it less so. Look for a staffing agency in your area, and sign up to work with them. Here are a few reasons why this is a good approach.

1. You'll find work sooner.

Who knows how long it could be before you find a full-time job. Meanwhile, living on unemployment can be really tough. If you sign up with a staffing agency, they will typically have a job assignment for you within a week or two. You may not be earning a full-time income right away, but you'll be bringing in more than you get on unemployment, and you will be doing work that you can put on your resume. The longer the work gap you have on your resume, the harder it may be to find a job. Signing on with a staffing agency keeps your jobless period shorter.

2. You may discover a career path you didn't know about.

You may be looking for jobs in one field, when really you are just as qualified to work in another field. A staffing agency will review your skills and find jobs you are capable of — and you might be surprised what those jobs are. You may discover a new career path you like even better than your old one or that has more opportunities for growth.

3. You can easily move on if an assignment is not right for you.

If a staffing agency assigns you to a position and you absolutely cannot stand it, you can request to be transferred somewhere else when an opportunity arises. This is easier than if you were to find a full-time job you did not like and have to start your job search all over again.

4. A position may turn into a full-time one.

You are probably ultimately looking for a full-time job, and working for a staffing agency can help you get that. Many companies initially hire workers through a staffing agency. Then, they identify the employees they like and hire them directly. So a gig through a staffing agency could turn into something full-time within a few months.

If you've been struggling on your job search, seek out staffing offices and sign on with an agency to get ahead.