Services Offered By A Pharmacovigilance Consultant

While medication is being formulated and after it has been licensed for use, monitoring of the ingredients and its intended purpose will need to be upheld. A pharmacovigilance consulting company will prepare reports for clinical and marketed products, ensure that a client is fully compliant with federal regulations, and conduct audits or inspections.

Monitoring Throughout A Product's Lifecycle

Monitoring of a pharmaceutical is essential throughout a product's lifecycle. A pharmacovigilance consultant will have expertise in medications that have previously been formulated and will be educated about the manner in which ingredients interact with one another. When a new product is being prepared for clinical trials, a consultant will perform studies to determine a product's efficacy and will identify any harmful reactions that may interfere with a drug becoming fully licensed for marketing purposes.

Once a product has been licensed, it is essential to continue monitoring the product. This will ensure that federal guidelines are continuing to be followed and that no long-term effects have materialized that could make a product potentially unsafe for human use. Monitoring will be a requirement for as long as a product is marketed and prescribed to patients.

An Analysis And Reports

A pharmacovigilance consultant may work with manufacturers who have previously marketed pharmaceuticals and with companies that are relatively new and who don't have a long history in the pharmaceutical industry.

An initial meeting with a consultant may involve discussing the product that is being formulated, identifying its targeted use, and providing hard copies of medicinal research that will inform a consultant about a product's properties. A consultant will conduct a follow-up meeting, once they have reviewed the material that they were furnished with.


If a consultant determines that a product is unsafe or if there are many reports about adverse reactions that are associated with the ingredients in a medication, modifications to the product will need to be made. It is important to hire a consultant at the beginning phase of formulating a product. This will prevent serious sicknesses and illnesses and will minimize the risk of lawsuits being taken out against the manufacturer.

If problems arise after a product has been distributed, the company of origin will be advised to halt the production of the product. During this time, studies may be performed and modifications to the medication may be necessary. Being compliant with federal guidelines is a requirement of any business that is producing pharmaceuticals. Before a modified product will be eligible for clinical trials, extensive testing of the product will need to be conducted.