Always Request a Property Condition Assessment before Buying Property. Here’s Why.

Sometimes it is easy to identify a poorly maintained property. For instance, it might have cracked walls or faded and peeling paintwork. However, there are times when structural issues are not immediately evident. Thus, it is vital to consider doing a property condition assessment before buying a property. The evaluation will conduct an in-depth analysis of the physical condition of a property's core structures, like the foundation and load-bearing beams and walls. Other benefits of the assessment include the following:

Identify Structural issues

Many property owners prefer to put off property maintenance until it is essential. That results in their properties being in poor conditions that will require a considerable expenditure to renovate. If you buy such a property, you will have to bear the burden of repairing structural issues. Thus, it is advisable to conduct a property condition assessment before purchasing a property. The evaluation will help unearth structural problems resulting from an owner's neglect of their maintenance responsibility. Consequently, you will avoid spending the extra money to renovate a property you have bought. Overall, a property condition assessment helps identify structural and maintenance problems in a property before you buy it.

Improve the Terms of the Purchase

As noted, a property condition assessment can find physical issues in a property. Such problems can act as a bargaining chip for potential buyers. No one wants to pay the asking price for a property requiring additional funds to make it safe and habitable. Thus, as a buyer, you can use a property condition assessment report to prompt the seller to reduce their asking price. Moreover, you can use the assessment to ask the property seller to make requisite renovations to the property to warrant such a price tag. Ultimately, property condition assessments help strengthen a potential buyer's negotiating power. 

Avoid Future Issues

Before buying a property, it is essential to determine whether it is safe for occupation. Some properties contain safety hazards like walls and floors weakened by water damage and pests like termites that cause structural damage. Others have health hazards like molds and pests like rodents that cause diseases. Thus, you should consider doing a property condition assessment to determine risks contributing to future liabilities, like unnecessary medical bills. On the other hand, a property seller can use the assessment as evidence in case of a liability lawsuit to prove their property was in good condition during the sale. Overall, a property condition assessment can help to warn potential buyers to avoid costly risks and create a buffer against liability for a property seller.