4 Scenarios Where You Need Land Surveying Services

A land survey provides you with all the details you need to make informed decisions about a piece of land. Many reasons exist why you need professional land surveying services. This article explores four such scenarios.

1. Before You Buy or Sell Property

Land investment is vital, but you can lose money without a proper search. Land surveying avails crucial information about the property you want to buy. For instance, land surveying reveals whether the legal description of the property is correct. Surveying also shows whether other parties have rights to your property.

An updated property survey is required before you sell your property. The reason is that many buyers want the data to gain confidence in the purchase. Besides, land surveying verifies the size and extent of the property. Therefore, you avoid legal disputes that stem from inaccurate property descriptions.

2. Before a Construction Project

Construction land surveying determines the current site conditions for future infrastructure. Land surveyors establish the accurate location for proposed structures. So, you become sure your project won't stop during construction due to legal issues.

Further, land surveying uncovers problems that would otherwise halt your construction. For instance, you get an inspection for hazardous materials such as lead and asbestos. In addition, a land survey can reveal other issues like groundwater contaminants and buried fuel tanks. Ultimately, you get ample time to resolve any underlying problems before construction starts.

3. When You Have Boundary Disputes

Land surveying services come in handy to determine your property's boundary lines. Property borders enable you to define where your property starts and ends. So, if you have any disputes with your neighbors, land surveying defines your boundaries to resolve the disagreement.

Further, you may want to extend your current premises. Land surveyors work with the municipality and contractors to prevent new boundary conflicts. So, you extend your property without interference with your neighbor's property. Otherwise, you may incur a lot of money to fix legal problems with neighbors. 

4. When You Refinance or Get a Mortgage

Some lenders will ask you to get an updated survey on the property to approve your mortgage. The property survey protects your lender's investment and proves that:

  • The improvements described in the legal description are actually on your property.

  • The purchase is legitimate and suitable as collateral for your mortgage.

  • The property is worth the mortgage amount you have applied for.

You become better positioned to qualify for the mortgage if the land surveying reveals the above factors.

Land surveying makes a significant difference in the different situations discussed above. In addition, you can avoid many risks with updated data about your property or a property you want to buy. Finally, various types of land surveys exist for different scenarios. Therefore, request guidance from a professional land surveyor whenever you need land surveying services.

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